Our History

It all started in 2000, when Ariel Gringaus and José Manuel Barros were university classmates, and they decided to create a joint company. At their young age, they had set out to fill a real need and help society with their future business. One day, Ariel Gringaus approached the bank to find out if they had received a deposit that they were waiting for. After waiting in a long line for many hours, he arrived at the counter and was told that the deposit had not yet been made. That experience allowed him to understand the urgent need that existed to have information online, that interconnectivity and immediacy are needs of this century and solutions had to be found.
Then he asked himself, how to digitize the education and put technology to good use? It was then that he decided that in schools there had to be a system that would allow parents to review what is happening with their children while they are studying. This added to the amount of tasks and responsibilities that keep the school so busy that it cannot have the communication that it would like with the families. It was necessary to intervene, but in the best way, with technology.
In 2003 Jaime Herreros, CTO of the Chilean EdTech, joined, and currently the 4, together with a multidisciplinary team of more than 170 people, provide # MásTiempoParaEducar to all the gardens and schools in Latin America.


Develop technological solutions of excellence, in a high performance environment, so that our clients achieve quality administrative and pedagogical processes incorporating the entire school community.


To be the main technology developer for quality education in Latin America.

Our values


WE ADAPT QUICKLY. We are a fast team, in constant evolution that adapts to the challenges in our world and especially those in education.


WE LIVE WITH INNOVATION We promote the search for new and better ways of doing what we have always done, ipositively impacting the advancement of our society.


WE ARE MOVED BY PASSION We are inspired to work in the world of education, delivering the best we have in our schools and team members. Without stopping, even when the goal seems impossible.


WE FORM HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAMS We recognize our talents and bring them together in high performance teams to obtain the highest quality products, services and processes..


FROM OUR CITIES WE BUILD FOR THE WORLD We generate global solutions to respond efficiently to the specific needs of each of our schools.


WE DELIVER A DAZZLING SERVICE We always prioritize dazzling our users and team members. A smile of appreciation and confidence is our most important indicator.