Administración financiera Accounttrack

Calculations, collection and financial management can now be automatic. The AccountTrack platform allows access to the current accounts of each student and family with a flexible, simple, effective and secure financial management system.

With AccountTrack, you as a school can:

Offer electronic payment to your commmunity

You can offer online payment of tuition, extracurriculars, tuition and more.

Issue invoices and receipts

Make invoices electronically and eliminate paper receipts, thus automating collection processes.

Configure the system according to your needs

You can set your own payment methods, report formats, types of discounts or scholarships, interest and among many other things.

Calculate automatically

Once the system is configured, monthly or annual charges can be automatically issued for each student or family, detecting discounts, calculating debts and interests.
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Be in sync with banks

Automatically generates the information required by banks and credit card operators.

Manage payments in different currencies

Regardless of the country, payments with different currencies can be managed simultaneously.

Export your data bases

You can export the information stored in databases to spreadsheets, allowing you to use the information stored in other applications.

Manage portfolio documents

The system allows efficient management of checks in the portfolio, even when they are no longer physically at the school.