¿Cómo crear clases motivantes, que permitan a los niños y niñas lograr los aprendizajes esperados?

How to create motivating classes that allow children to achieve the expected learning?

The new education brings great challenges for schools, such as the need to diversify learning environments, consider different realities in the educational community and make resources more flexible. Thinking of all these needs, we created the Colegium Classes resource.

This complete platform allows you to plan classes, incorporate videos with class sessions conducted by educators, make exercise guides available and also inform the entire class itinerary, including tasks for the next session.

With Colegium Classes, your school and your teachers will be able to:

Having a resource bank (such as guides, presentations, worksheets), in order to teach the subjects belonging to each course in different ways.
Send videos with classes led by educators, to create more autonomous learning processes.
Carry out face-to-face, remote, synchronous, asynchronous or mixed classes, adapting to the different needs and realities of students, creating more inclusive environments that last over time.

Students in your school community will:

Have classes that adjust to their reality and the resources they have.
Have new learning environments, to deepen the generation of new knowledge.
Use innovative and creative resources that encourage the development of reading and math skills.
Access their classes in a more autonomous way and connected with Ministry of Education requirements.