Ambientes Colaborativos

Now, having collaborative environments in the classroom implies great challenges for teachers, both in the planning of classes and in their implementation. That is why Collaborative Learning Environment (ACA) was born.

This is a platform for individual and collaborative activities, which allows teachers to coordinate the work of their students, using collaboration and technology as the main tool. The teacher sends a sequence of exercises to each student’s device, and students receive real-time feedback and progress according to their own pace, maximizing teacher leadership.

With ACA, you as a school will be able to…

Send practical material

You can send sequences of exercises via the web to children's devices, without installing.

Monitor learning

Use a control panel to select activities, observe student progress and difficulties.

Intervene promptly

Quickly distinguish and directly support to those groups that need it most.

Strengthen teacher leadership

Actively lead the class through an innovative tool and smart control centre.

With ACA, you as a student will be able to…


Receive feedback in real time to consolidate learning and advance according to your own pace.

Use technology

Use mobile devices (tablets or smartphones) for pedagogical collaboration.


Generate meaningful learning through innovative and different experiences.

Interchange ideas

Develop soft skills and learn to exchange ideas with other people, improving this ability.