Parents can stay connected with their children’s education! Through this module, the school will be able to instantly and personally report any emergency or need of the school community and keep an efficient record of your messages.

With Communications you as a school can:

Reinforce the identity of the school

Create your own templates and reinforce the identity of the school, add titles, images, typography, colours and links.

Personalize massive messages

Reach the entire community with unlimited and personalized messages, sending the same message with the name of each recipient

Schedule communications

Send instant and deferred emails. Was an activity suspended? Let everyone know as soon as possible, or schedule it!

Generate target groups

Establish target groups by course, level or subject, and combine them. In addition, you can add custom senders.

Inform the school

Inform your entire school community about things that are happening at school and about the educational process of students.

Make tracking statistics

Obtain statistics, review graphs of the reading of your shipments, in order to carry out follow-ups.

Receive responses

Receive responses to your communications instantly through the SchoolNet application.

Access the conversation

Review the entire conversation in one place, having access to what has been sent and received.

With Communications, your family can:

Receive Communications

Receive communications directly on your cell phone, through the application.

Reply messages

Receive communications directly on your cell phone, through the application.

THave the information in real time

Receive messages in real time, improving reading ability.