The Digital Class Book has been facilitating and optimizing the daily management of educational establishments for more than 10 years. This system displaced the paper class book, digitizing the processes that were carried out in it, allowing them to be carried out in real time from any web device. In addition, it allows the information entered to be made visible (if the school allows it), in order to connect parents with the school information and the educational process of their children.

With the Digital Class Book you as a School can...

Submit information

You can enter all the academic information, grades, learning evaluation, daily sessions, attendance, among other things.

Have an intuitive, fast and safe system

Its interface allows the processes to be developed easily and intuitively, in order to help the adoption of the system.

aula virtual sincronizacion

Synchronize entered data with SchoolTrack

With this system you have the possibility of unifying all the necessary data in a single platform.

Operate an efficient management

Schools´ daily and routine tasks will be streamlined, automating processes and simplifying daily academic tasks.

Access attractive graphs

This system has graphics that contain global and specific information in order to provide you with a powerful tool for decision making.

Have a system with Interoperability with SIGE *

The Digital Class Book has interoperability with SIGE, this means that you will not have to enter the same information two or more times through different platforms. (* Only in Chile)

Have the information safe

Access to the information is made through Colegium's own servers, making external modifications impossible.

Integration with Google and Microsoft 365

Create users easily and quickly that will then be replicated in the suite that your school uses (O365 or GSuite). They will also be able to take advantage of the SSO between the Colegium platforms and the Google or Microsoft Suite.