Platform designed to manage kindergartens or preschool education in the most efficient way. It includes various tools focused on pre-basic tasks, such as Home Reports, Conference Planning and Evaluations with interactive graphic results, in this way it is integrated into the entire school community. In addition, it is easy to configure and has no user limit.

With E-kinder, you as a school will be able to:

aula virtual

Manage your material 100% online

The entire system is available via the web and hosted at Colegium, offering great savings in infrastructure.

Maintain constant data integration

Academic and financial information are fully synchronized through a single database.

Have all the information of your Corporation

Do you have a network of schools? E-Kinder allows you to easily and securely manage educational networks, allowing the principal to make decisions in one or more schools.

Get statistical graphics

The system generates graphical reports that support the internal management of the establishments. These can be printed or generated in PDF or HTML format.

Generate weekly planning

It has a friendly planning manager to promote the correct development of activities in the classroom.

Print Home Reports

Through this tool you can deliver and print the Home Reports for the students’ parents.

With E-Kinder families will be able to:

Access information via the web

Parents, will be able to access via Internet all the information of their children, such as attendance, personal information, medical records, among other things.

Receive communications directly on your cell phone

Through E-Kinder, parents will be able to receive all the news and valuable information about their children's education. * You must have the Communications or Messaging Module.