Strengthen the School-Family Alliance of your school, connecting parents in a simple and secure way with the school information of their children, allowing them to know the grades, absences, schedules, choose extracurricular subjects, in real time and directly in their cell phone. This tool strengthens parental involvement, achieving more significant learning, combating absenteeism and school dropout.

With EduFácil Familias, you as a school can:

Manage your own information

The information and data that parents can see is determined by the school.

Automatically associate families

Makes an automatic association of the student-parent, student-tutor, student-other relationships.

Updated library information

If the school allows it, parents and students will be able to reserve the books through the web. They will also be able to see the current books of each student.

Manage extracurricular activities

EduAtHand Families allows parents to choose the subjects of free choice (ACLE) to which their children will enroll.

With EduFácil Familias, the parents and students of your school will be able to:

aula virtual

Access information 100% online and through the App

Parents can connect at any time and place from the web version, or from the EduFácil Mobile application.

Have all the information in one place

If they have children in different schools of the same corporation, with EduFácil Familias they will be able to see their information in the same access.

Easy access

Its intuitive interface is designed for all types of users, that is, it does not require additional instruction to that provided by Colegium.

Keep data updated

The data (notes, behaviour, attendance etc), are updated automatically, and can be viewed on the web and in the app, if the establishment so decides.