100% online school management platform, specially designed for Corporations, Private Subsidized and Municipal schools, which manages grades, attendance, schedules, extracurricular activities and all the academic and administrative information of the students. In addition, it has a modern digital class book that digitizes the paper book and allows even to issue certificates.

With EduAtHand, you as a school can:

Generate certificates

With EduAtHand you can create study certificates of regular students, and of final situations by subsector, among others.

Access graphics

The visualization and comparison of the information is done through graphs where you can see, for example, the performance per student.

Set up academic periods

The platform adapts to your academic period (bimester, quarter, semester, yearly) dynamically and as determined by the school.

Analyze grades

You will be able to analyze the grades of the different students, courses and subjects! For example, you can compare grades from different courses.

Be connected with the SIGE

The data is updated directly with the SIGE, identifying if there is any student outside the registry.

Monitor input of grades

EduAtHand allows you to monitor the dates when teachers must enter the grades.

Have all the information in one place

The attendance record, annotations, minutes, schedules and all the school administration are on the same platform.