This Platform supports relevant financial management for the proper functioning of the Institution: For example, tuition fees, monthly payments, application of benefits (for state scholarships or from the same college), registration of payments, creation of contracts, entry of documents, among other things. At the same time, the platform delivers updated information in real time, to optimize and facilitate administration.

With the Financial Module, you as a school will be able to:

Easy to use

Its modern interface makes it easy to use for all types of users. The college will not need any additional training beyond that provided by Colegium.

Save time

Thanks to automatic calculations, predesigned reports, centralized information, automatic generation of official reports, among others, you can start to enjoy significant time savings.

Configurable interface

Each school may modify certain elements to adapt SchoolTrack to the culture of each institution: lists of values, its own fields, evaluation styles, among other elements.

Maximum security

SchoolTrack has an efficient system that controls users' access to information, making automatic records of all the changes that users make to the data records.

Efficient creation of reports

SchoolTrack has an advanced content editor that allows you to generate your own reports. With SchoolTrack, you can create and modify complex reports without the need for outside help.

Exportable database

With SchoolTrack you can export the information stored in databases to spreadsheets or flat files.
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hronization with the Ministry of Education

hoolTrack has an assistant that automatically generates the files required by the Ministry of Education. The wizard does a complete review of your database and detects errors or inconsistencies before generating the official documents.

Operating system compatibility

Colegium systems work on both Windows and Mac OS X.