Because vocabulary is essential to improve reading skills, at Colegium we have created Read +. This platform allows students to exercise their vocabulary and improve their abilities constantly, with the feeling that they are playing and learning at the same time.

With Read+ you as a school will be able to:

Improve reading ability

Motivate children's reading learning through the constant practice of vocabulary and its incorporation.

Improve in other subjects

Improve the performance of your students in different subjects, by improving their understanding.
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Use technology

Create personalized workshops

Use free time or create specialized workshops and generate specialized learning instances or for those who have an interest.

With Read+ you as a student will be able to…

Learn vocabulary in an fun way

as if you were playing and learning at the same time.

Improve your grades

through a considerable improvement in reading skills, and in the understanding of different subjects.

Use mobile devices

(tablets and smart phones) for pedagogical collaboration.