Messaging is a service that allows you to send communications to your entire school community in an immediate, easy and personalized way. In addition, it allows you to inform about the relevant news of your school through push notifications in EduAtHand. If your users have not downloaded the app (free in the App Store and Play Store), they will receive an SMS on their cell phone.

With messaging, you as a school can:

Create default messages

With the default messages you can reach more families in less time.

Assign messages

Assign a predetermined number of messages for each school to use.

Configure notifications

Configure automatic notifications for absences, tardies and behaviors.

Report school matters

IInform officials about your school's affairs by SMS.

Categorize the messages

Assign categories for your messages: informative, attendance, behavior, among others.

Have a history of messages

Review the history of all sent messages, filtering by reason, date or keyword.

Increase attendance

Improve the attendance of boys and girls through immediate notifications to families.

Encourage collaboration

Improve collaboration and communication in your team of directors, administrators and teachers.

With messaging, families will be able to:

Access relevant information

Quickly review school lists, parent meetings, or emergencies.

Receive PUSH notifications

Receive relevant information through push notifications on the phone.

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Obtain information on your cell phone whether or not you have internet.