Behavior and social skills are becoming more and more important in the development of students. That is why the Orientation and Monitoring Module was born, a platform that allows monitoring the psychopedagogical training of students with a 100% web, intuitive and easy-to-use tool, in which you can manage the information obtained in the interviews and interactions. In addition, they will be able to register talents and assign follow-up to another member of the team.

With Orientation and Follow-up, you as a school can:

Configure psychopedagogical cards

Each school can configure its own psychosocial files to enter the information, according to the needs of the establishment.

Keep records of meetings

It allows you to keep a record of the commitments that are established with the support professionals, counselors and parents, in each meeting.

Follow up with children with Special Educational Needs

The support staff will be able to keep a record and monitor the educational needs of the students.

Have a historical record

By containing historical student information, any team member with the proper permissions will be able to track it.