Old student registration also places a heavy burden on the college. That is why at Colegium we developed the Re-enrollment Module, which manages this process efficiently and 100% online.

With Re-Enrollments, you as a school can:

Have updated data

Being a Colegium web platform, the data of the students and their families is kept up to date.

See statistics in real time

The system contains a statistics section, which provides graphic information on the general or daily enrollment.

Configure your platform in a 100% flexible way

Each school can configure the enrollment process according to its own conditions (date, data, requirements), and easily configure the platform.

Set up different payment methods

Each school configures what form of payment it wishes to establish for parents, providing different options such as: cash, check, PAC, PAT and Webpay.

In Re-registrations, parents may:

Pay online

Re-enrollment allows you to pay tuition and tuition online, as established by the school.

Check debts through SchoolNet

The system connects to SchoolNet in order to check if there are payments not made per student.

Enter data only once

To keep the data updated, you should not write it over and over again each time the re-registration is made.