Actividades escolares

Friendly interface that allows teachers to assign school activities (work, homework, research) by sending and receiving them online to students, and in this way deliver timely feedback.

With School Activities, you as a school can:

actividades escolares

Correct and respond online

Submissions made digitally (with Office 365) can be corrected online and sent to the student so they can learn from their work.

To have an agile and effective management

The teacher can rescue previously published tasks, select them from an institutional standard, or even create new ones.

Configure the platform to measure

Each task can be configured considering its deadline and delivery conditions, if it is individual or collaborative and types of evaluation.

Create work groups

On the platform, both the teacher and the student can create work groups to solve school tasks.

Review progress status in real time

The teacher can know the progress status of the tasks, showing in real time which students have delivered.