Second most downloaded application for 3 years in a row, in the month of March
+ 150 thousand communications are sent every day
Every second 2 new people connect to SchoolNet

SchoolNet is the platform that connects families with the education of their children, making visible the information that the school considers pertinent, such as grades, attendance, behavior, collection, classmates, communications. All this, from a web platform and a mobile application.

With Schoolnet you as a school can:

Update your data efficiently

Families update their personal data directly from SchoolNet, supporting the work of the school in this important task.

Control the information

The school decides the information it will make public to families in your community.
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Make reports available online

The school can make report cards, personality reports, or study certificates available to families for parents to download.

Schedule evaluations in a personalized way

Teachers can add important dates to the calendar and parents can review them through SchoolNet.

Publish classes and job guides

This in order that students can download their activities online.

Communicate through an app

Provide information through an application available directly on the cell phone of students, parents (SchoolNet Mobile).

Receive Payments

Through the app you can make all families available to make payments quickly, easily and on their cell phone.

With SchoolNet, you as a parent or student can:

Access support material

All the supplies necessary for learning can be sent through SchoolNet.

Access information of interest

The names of the parents of the course, the notes, the attendance and all the relevant information, can be obtained through SchoolNet.

View notes online

The school will be able to make the grades of the boys and girls visible.

Receive communications in a timely manner

The school may send all the necessary communications to keep families involved in the educational process.

The SchoolNet Mobile app is available for free download on Android and iOS mobile devices