DIA + is a technological platform, developed by Colegium and the Universidad de los Andes, which allows teachers to easily and effectively assess the reading comprehension and ability to solve mathematical problems of students. This platform delivers results and indicators, delivering personalized reports per student giving the teacher a valuable tool to make pedagogical decisions.


Platform for the timely diagnosis of reading skills using the Lexile ® measure.


Platform for the timely diagnosis of mathematical skills, using the international Quantile® measure. Dia + diagnoses can be performed on tablets and computers and are oriented so that children can perform them themselves.

With Dia+, you as a school will be able to…

Have timely information

Diamat and Dialect use artificial intelligence to detect the pace and depth of children's learning.

Generate didactic strategies

By knowing the particular and general abilities of children, more specific strategies can be generated.

Offer a friendly interface

By using Dia +, a friendly and intuitive interface with images and audio is available, attractive to children.
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Obtain immediate reports

Dia + allows you to obtain immediate reports of the diagnoses made, in addition, you will be able to access complete reports.